Jessica Ikhile
Jessica Ikhile Acting

Jessica Ikhile, A dedicated and passionate actress, my love for the art of bringing characters to life ignited at a young age. She is a Nigerian-trained actor based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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 With a diverse portfolio encompassing feature films, short films, TV series, and commercials, his exceptional ability to creatively embody various personas is truly remarkable. My ultimate aspiration is to consciously and unconsciously utilize acting as a means to spread love and enrich lives. As I step into the limelight, I carry with me not only the technical prowess acquired at EbonyLife Creative Academy but also a genuine passion for storytelling through the lens of captivating characters. I set forth to contribute my unique voice to the dynamic realm of acting and filmmaking on a larger scale.

Ajala Sodiq Pelumi
Ajala Sodiq Pelumi Acting

Ajala Sodiq Pelumi is a writer, commercial model, singer, voice-over artist and above all, A very talented actor. He’s a risk-taker, a goal-getter and a very unique being who 

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commands respect and keeps healthy relationships. Pelumi believes that everything is possible through Christ who strengthens him. One of the strong quotes he lives by is: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”

Ebunoluwa Oluwarinu
Ebunoluwa Oluwarinu Acting

Ebunoluwa Oluwarinu is a versatile actor and poet, holding a law degree from Babcock University. As the former president of the Iperu Art Group on her campus, she directed

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and penned numerous stage plays, including “Adeogo: The Send Forth”, “Tunji” and “Itan Ife (the Story of Love)”.
Proficient on both stage and screen, Ebunoluwa showcased her acting skills in productions like “Daughters of Elempe” and “Dirty Little Secret” Notably, she took on the lead role in the short film “Angel in the Stone”; during her time at EbonyLife Creative Academy.
Her accolades extend to film competitions, securing the 5th position in the European Union’s 2021 short video competition on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.
Additionally, she clinched the Best Monologue title in the 2020 Film for Impact, Raise a Voice Challenge and achieved 1st runner-up in the 2021 edition.
Ebunoluwa’s artistic aspiration is simple yet profound: to tell true and authentic stories, allowing her body and mind to become home to diverse characters.

Obed Isibor
Obed Isibor Acting

I am Obed Isibor, from Edo state, chocolate in complexion, 6ft 3 in height, fit. I love bringing to life and existing as (for a time) creative ideas and that’s exactly what acting

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 is about. It chose me but I can’t live without it. I began my acting journey professionally in 2018 and it has been educating since then. Coming to ELCA helped me discover and believe more in myself and now I’m leaving with tools that help interpret a script better and better still I get to develop more on those tools over time.

Elizabeth Egboh
Elizabeth Egboh Acting

“My name is Elizabeth Ngozi Egboh. I am an actress, writer, and entrepreneur. I have dabbled in various business ventures, especially in the real estate space. I aspire

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to the zenith in anything I do. Any opportunity to learn something new is a welcome achievement for me. During my first acting training, I distinguished myself. I not only wrote the script for our project but won the “Best Actress award” one of my proudest moments to date. I consider myself a change agent, and I believe for me that the best is yet to come. With God, mentors, and my family on my side, I believe I will reach the pinnacle of my illustrious career. I really like birds. They have wings, and I want wings.”

Ojo Ebenezer Precious
Ojo Ebenezer Precious Acting

My Name is Ojo-Ebenezer Precious. I reside in Lagos state. I am a dedicated and passionate actor with over 5 and 3 years of experience in screen and stage respectively.

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I find Acting very intriguing. It allows me to be whoever I want to be. Breathing life into characters is what I would call a superpower and I’ve got that and more!

Hauwa Angela Issa
Hauwa Angela Issa Acting

Hauwa Angela Issa, known as Nananikeji as her stage name is a Singer, Songwriter and Actor. Nananikeji’s love for the performing arts has been a driving force in her life since

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she was a child. She found solace in church and school drama productions and loved belting out tunes as a member of the choir. In high school, she joined an acting group which only further ignited her passion for theater. Although she ended up getting a degree in history education, the desire to become an actress and singer never left her mind.
In 2017, Nananikeji saw an opportunity to showcase her talents in the talent show KWARA GOT TALENT. Despite being an undergraduate student at the time, she took a leap of faith and entered the competition, the outcome was remarkable cause she placed 2nd runner-up which was a significant achievement and validation of her abilities. It was this experience that further fueled her passion for entertainment and helped her realize that acting and singing were more than just a lifelong hobby, they were her true calling.
Today, Nananikeji is relentlessly pursuing her dreams with enthusiasm and determination. She is committed to honing her skills as both an actress and singer.
Nananikeji made sure she was fully inducted into the thespian world back in University days at the University Of Ilorin Kwara State, she also took a course on Acting for the screen at EBONY LIFE CREATIVE ACADEMY.
Her story is a testament to the power of passion and determination, proving that even when a dream is put on hold, it’s never too late to pick it back up and chase it with all your might.

Olasunkanmi Olowu
Olasunkanmi Olowu Acting

Olasunkanmi Olowu is a trained stage actor who has played the lead in two major stage plays, Kurunmi and Queen Idia, he went through acting training under friends media, 

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and he studied mass communication at The Lagos State Polytechnic after which he proceeded to take the course acting for screen at Ebonylife Creative Academy under the tutor of coach Drikus Volschenk wITH Mr Desmond Bryce his the teaching assistant. Olasunkanmi is an online relatable content creator who is known for different characters from Chief Tenant, to Mummy Junior and many others. He he best known as Olasunkanmithecreator on social media platforms. Olasunkanmi has produced his own first short film titled “Be a man” and also made reenactments from 3 different Nigerian movies(Gangs of Lagos, Brotherhood and King of Boys 2). When he’s not in front of the camera, Sunkanmi is a welfare manager, a baker and a caterer.

Jane Chidindu Igbocheonwu
Jane Chidindu Igbocheonwu Acting

My name is Jane Chidindu Igboecheonwu, I’m 5:8 tell, caramel in complexion, brown eyes and athletic in body structure I am a vibrant actress and a stunt lady, what

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some people call a screen fighter, I’m super flexible and can throw lots of flips.
I’ve featured in a couple of movies like Legend of Gattuso, The Return of Boss King, Setup part 2, City of dreams and Ruthless.
Whenever I’m not on screen, I’m with my cheerleading team, LCN: Lagos Cheer Nigeria, Cheering our heart out to the world or I’m Training the younger generation on flexibility and stunts, and when I’m not doing any of these. I’m working on my acting and stunt skills in order to become a better version of myself in my chosen field, Thanks to my iconic Paps Mr Peterarmandboyo and my wonderful coach at EbonyLife Creative Academy, Mr Drikus who are helping me out with the knowledge I need to succeed in my career.
I am a happy soul and an excellent team player, my don’ts are indiscipline and lies.
Before now I was into modelling and won Miss Mainland 2020/2021 still the current title holder but will be passing it on by December 2024 one of my best motivational quotes that has been of help to me is “work hard or walk home”.
The world is yet to know me, but I’m coming, look out for the Nigerian Angelina Jolie.

Samuel Francis
Samuel Francis Acting

An Actor and Model based in Lagos. he views drama as a means of building empathy in our world, hence he feels privileged to give life to characters whose stories deserve

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telling. Samuel enjoys grasping the audience’s attention, you’d see it in his eyes and the way he walks hence as an actor he Brings characters to life and leaves his viewers wanting more.

He has walked major runways and also worked with numerous commercial brands both in Nigeria and Internationally. Samuel believes that “God is the ultimate and one should never stop believing in themselves and their dreams”.

Luke Margret Chetachi
Luke Margret Chetachi Acting

Luke Margret Chetachi is a graduate of Theatre and Film Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka where she also obtained a diploma in Theatre and Performing art prior.

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She is a trained, disciplined and passionate actor who is unwavering in her pursuit to succeed in the film industry, Nigeria and in the diaspora.

Thankgod Chinonso Amah
Thankgod Chinonso Amah Acting

ThankGod Chinonso, Amah Popularly known as Amah T. The third born and first son of six children. Hails from Aguata, Anambra State. Lives in Lagos, Nigeria. A trained and

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professional Actor from EbonyLife Creative Academy. A trained and professional Teacher in English Language and Education from the University Of Lagos, Akoka.

Amah ThankGod started Acting in childhood; Church Drama team to once Belonging to THE ILLUMINATION THEATRE. His ability and capacity in acting made him the Theatre Group Leader of his Secondary school while he was just in Senior Secondary class 1. Went further in his Acting Career by winning Best Actor in 2018, 2021, and 2023 in the Gospel on Stage competition, English Education Sophomore Awards and All English Education Student Awards respectively with Most Influential Student in The Whole of The Faculty Of Education year 2 in 2023.

Being part of Ebony Life 11th acting Intake, He played a Lead role in the Short film “Flawed Cupid” and so far has shared the big screen with the industry’s biggest Like Nse Ikpem, Jide Ekene, Osas Ighadaro, Lala Akindoju, Adesua Ettomi and Many More. In Blockbusters like “A Tribe Called Judah” “Japa by Inkblot” “Smart Money Woman on Netflix” to mention but a Few.

A good side of Amah T is he is both a Stage and Screen Actor. Which he does effortlessly well leaving you with Memories. Another side of him is his vocal dexterity as he is known as THE VOCAL VIRUS. He is a trained and professional singer. Also a Presenter which he hosts a talk show tagged: SHAKE THAT TABLE WITH AMAH T on YouTube.

Amah T finds expression in being in front of the Camera and Stage as It is his best way of relating to his outside World and building connections with People. He hopes and aims at Becoming the Best working more and evolving in his Craft.

Ndukeabasi Dweller Obot
Ndukeabasi Dweller Obot Acting

She is an actor, YouTuber, and digital content creator. Currently based in Lagos Nigeria. A motivated, committed actress with strong stage instinct and extensive formal training.

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She is versatile and has experience in screen acting, Also possesses a solid work ethic.
Have featured in feature-length films, short films, TV series, and commercials.
I am committed to achieving the highest standard of performance and always willing to listen and learn from others, I’m energetic, prepared to make a real difference.

Sandra Iroegbu
Sandra Iroegbu Acting

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film Studies, from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where she was trained as a professional actor on stage and screen. Her

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interest in art was ignited after playing a role in the adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in school and ever since then, she has taken bold steps to continually hone her craft.
She is an alumnus of the Ebonylife Creative Academy where she studied Acting for Film and TV.
She is also a Producer, commercial model, and singer. She currently owns a film company called BlockIT Studios where she creates short films and game show content.
Her grassroots performances were on stage where she featured in stage plays like, Camwoods on the Leaves, Voices, Aunty Remi, and The Carpenter, and Tony wants to marry at the Lagos drive-in theatre.
She has been featured in screenplays like Here Love Lies, Something Special, False Doors, Within Reach, Fallen Out, Big Bro, We Will Not Be Silent, True Scarlet, Devil Selfie, Hinged, Once in Forever, Flawed Cupid (Elca film) and a few documentaries like Slipping through the crack and Out of the shadow.
Her first commercial role was DSTV Christmas Advert, afterward, she worked with OPERA MINI.
Her Producing debuts earned her a nomination in the category for best short film at the African International Film Festival (Afriff).
She is passionate about her craft and a lover of friendship, family, God and career.
Her best inspirational words are “Stars Do Not Struggle to Shine, keep being consistent, don’t give up and you will Shine at the right Time” #sandrairoegbu

Shalom Mark
Shalom Mark Acting

Mark Shalom is a talented actress, producer, and talent manager. Ever since she was a young girl, she has had a passion for storytelling and the arts. She began acting in church

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plays and then moved on to secondary school plays where she won the best actor award. This achievement meant a lot more to her than her studies at the time.

Mark Shalom has been featured in several projects including Sisi Eko, A Kayode Peters Production, Mr Wonderful, My Flatmates, and more. Additionally, she has starred in numerous stage plays. She made her producing debut with the documentary “Why We Run,” which is focused on the lives of hawkers in Lagos State.

She is extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity that Ebonylife Creative Academy has given her. She believes that this opportunity will bring her closer to achieving her dream of becoming a Nigerian global filmmaker/actor.
She’s a firm believer that when it’s your time it will definitely work so never stop striving.

Victory Emordi
Victory Emordi Acting

Award-winning Actress, Model, and multifaceted Creative, Victory Emordi is an award-winning actress known for her captivating role in “TRAFFICK ME”, and is also a nominee for

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Best Female Actor. Beyond the silver screen, She also works as a model, collaborating with top celebrities and different brands. Her talents extend to voiceover acting, where her expressive voice tells stories. She is an Alumni of Ebonylife Creative Academy.
In addition to her performing activities, Victory is a skilled hairstylist and content creator. She’s excited to delve into the realm of digital marketing, combining artistic flair with business expertise.
“My journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when talent, creativity, and passion collide in the entertainment industry”


Aaron Daniel
Aaron Daniel Directing

Aaron Daniel Ebhojie is a very calm, quiet and reserved person who started his career in filmmaking as an actor way back in his days of early childhood. His talents brought him

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out right from his primary school days in Kano state where he engaged in casual school drama up to the university level. His passion for always taking his craft to another level made him join to prestigious English and literature department play House in UNIBEN and this was the beginning of his desire to become a force to reckon with in the movie industry.
After working in the banking sector for close to a decade, he decided to voluntarily resign and follow his passion for filmmaking wholeheartedly. Afterwards, he took courses in scriptwriting, cinematography and presently Directing.
My vision is to take everything I have learnt and put it to work towards telling our African stories in a way that the global community will come to appreciate our African culture through dedication and teamwork.

Akpovwovwo Emetekefe Erereme
Akpovwovwo Emetekefe Erereme Directing

Akpovwovwo Emetekefe, a professional with an unwavering passion for storytelling, stands out as a multifaceted force in the world of filmmaking. With nearly half a decade

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of diverse experience encompassing roles as an actor, scriptwriter, production manager, and producer, she brings a unique and comprehensive skill set to the table.
A Master’s graduate with a solid foundation in Theatre Arts, English education, and Literature, Emetekefe’s journey in filmmaking took a significant leap when she earned a prestigious scholarship from the Lagos State Government in collaboration with Ebonylife Creative Academy. It was during this scholarship program that she co-directed her maiden film, Sunflower, showcasing her innate talent and dedication to the craft.
As a film director, Emetekefe distinguishes herself through a rich tapestry of experiences, a commitment to continuous learning, and an unyielding passion for visual storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and a repertoire that spans various facets of filmmaking, she is poised to captivate audiences with compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression. Clients seeking a director who not only understands the art but also appreciates the business and societal impact of filmmaking will find in Emetekefe a true collaborator and visionary.

Adebayo Taiwo Sunday
Adebayo Taiwo Sunday Directing

Taiwo Adebayo is a young filmmaker with great interest and passion for filmmaking, he joined the movie industry in 2014, which made him have an extensive background in filmmaking with

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9 years of good experience.
He has written short comedy films like Crazy Tenants and Aimo (Unknown) and also participated in stage plays titled Dark Room, Strangers in Our Land, What a Love and a few more. In 2017 he won the Best Male Actor for the stage play Dark Room. He has also script supervised/Continuity on some projects like Bachelors, DEBELU, Blunder, Perfect Friendship, My Loving Husband and a lot more.
As a filmmaker, I aim to show the world, that African stories are not just mere stories, especially Nigerian stories and to show how rich our stories can be despite the diversity in our ethnicity and to also show the Authenticity of our film globally irrespective of the language.
My dream is to direct Comedy films and emotional stories.
I strongly believe Comedy can be shot in a certain way and I believe with what I have learnt in Elca, my dream will be fulfilled.

Belinda Chiazor
Belinda Chiazor Directing

Belinda Chiazor who hails from Delta State, Nigeria – is an actor, producer, writer and budding director, with at least a decade of film experience. Her first stint in film was

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in the famous series of the year 2013, titled “Lekki Wives.”
She went on after that, to star in her first feature film “What Makes You Tick,” featured on the popular Nollywood streaming platform “IrokoTV”, in the year 2016, as well as co-producing a short titled “Maybe Never After” in 2020.
Belinda also acted as the titular character “Titi” in “Child International”; a play held in celebration of Wole Soyinka’s 85th birthday staged at Freedom Park, Lagos in 2021.
A year later, she wrote the birthday documentary script in honor of the former Second Lady of Nigeria – Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo.
She equally featured in the sequel of “Nneka The Pretty Serpent” in the year 2020, now on Netflix, and was also a recurring character for two years on Africa’s longest-running TV serial known as “Tinsel”, embodying the character “Margaret.” Belinda, who deviated from her course of study – “Political Science”, where she graduated from the University of Calabar, Crossriver as a result of her love and passion for film (which stemmed from watching movies as a child), has dedicated years to her craft as an actor, writer, producer, and is now ready to wear the hat of a director.
She is inspired both at home and abroad by the likes of Jade Osiberu and Guy Ritchie.

Celestine Oyeghe
Celestine Oyeghe Directing

I am a passionate and versatile professional with a dynamic background in the film and entertainment industry. As a Filmmaker, Actor, and Director, I have dedicated my career to the art

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of storytelling and emotive performances. With extensive experience, I have honed my skills not only in front of the camera but also behind it.
In addition to my roles in film, I take pride in being an Acting for Film & TV Instructor and Director Instructor. I am committed to nurturing the talents of aspiring actors and directors, helping them to reach their full potential.

Brooks Eti Inyene A.
Brooks Eti Inyene A. Directing

Eti-Inyene Brooks is a professional film-maker with a background in radio production and presenting. With the wealth of knowledge garnered over the years as a screenwriter and now a certified

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 film director, Brookes is ready to let the world in on her distinctive style in visual storytelling.
Brookes’ mission is to uniquely tell impactful, compelling and relatable human stories; stories with shared experiences, stories that connect us; stories that make us FEEL, while gaining recognition globally.
Inspired by the works of David Fincher, Brookes hopes to deploy cinematic tools in telling rich stories on screen and immerse the audience in them.

Conscience Ehimen Aisuegbehien
Conscience Ehimen Aisuegbehien Directing

Conscience Aisuegbehien is a highly skilled professional with a deep love for film and the art of visual storytelling. he has honed his skills in directing, shooting, and editing various

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types of projects including documentaries, music videos, and event marketing materials. His vast background has provided him with an abundance
of expertise and a keen sense of creativity. He understands the power of visual storytelling and strives to captivate audiences through his work. Whether it’s capturing the essence of a documentary, crafting a visually stunning music video, or creating powerful marketing materials for events, Conscience’s passion for film shines through in every project he takes on. His dedication and professionalism are evident in his attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality results.
Conscience strives to capture the diverse and rich cultures, histories, and experiences of the African continent. Through engaging and thought-provoking narratives, the director sheds light on the complexities of African society, exploring issues such as identity, socio-political dynamics, and human rights. In addition to telling African stories, Conscience is committed to showcasing the talent and creativity of African filmmakers. The director actively seeks collaborations with local actors, writers, and crew members, ensuring that the production process is a collective effort that reflects the authentic voices of Africa. By doing so, Conscience aims to contribute to the growth and recognition of the African film industry on a global scale.
Ultimately, Conscience’s goal is to ignite conversations and provoke emotions through the power of cinema. By bringing authentic and impactful African narratives to the forefront, the director hopes to challenge preconceived notions, bridge cultural divides, and inspire audiences to engage with African stories in a meaningful and respectful way. With his wealth of experience and creative approach, Conscience Aisuegbehien is a trusted professional in the world of film and visuals.

Doyinsola T. Ajayi
Doyinsola T. Ajayi Directing

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Doyinsola Ajayi is an emerging filmmaker whose passion for storytelling was ignited at an early age. Growing up in a household where creativity

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was encouraged, Doyinsola found solace and inspiration in the world of films, books, and visual arts.
Doyinsola’s journey into filmmaking began when she would write short films in her journals and serve as coordinator of drama competitions in her secondary school. These early projects were marked by an innate ability to capture authentic moments and evoke genuine emotions from her participants.
After completing her University degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading, UK. Doyinsola started off as an intern journalist at the BBC, London and after 8 years of working in brand marketing, decided to make the bold decision to delve in filmmaking. Armed with a passion for storytelling and an insatiable thirst for learning, Doyinsola embarked on a journey of self-discovery and artistic growth.
Doyinsola is an adventurer, a dreamer, and a steadfast believer in the power of storytelling to bridge gaps, foster empathy, and inspire change. With three short films under her name, Doyinsola is excited about the future and the opportunity to share her craft with the world.

Ifeanyichukwu F. Okwara
Ifeanyichukwu F. Okwara Directing

Ifeanyichukwu Okwara is a multifaceted individual with a passion for storytelling, evident in his roles as an actor and director. His creative pursuits extend beyond the silver screen,

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as he ventures into entrepreneurship while championing humanitarian causes.
As an actor, Ifeanyichukwu has showcased his talent in various roles, captivating audiences with his performances and bringing diverse characters to life. His dedication to the craft is reflected in his ability to immerse himself in compelling narratives, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.
Beyond the realm of entertainment, Ifeanyichukwu channels his energy into making a difference in the world. His commitment to philanthropy shines through his efforts in supporting and uplifting the less privileged. Whether through charitable initiatives or actively participating in humanitarian projects, he strives to create a positive impact and bring hope to marginalized communities with his NGO IFEANYICHUKWU OKWARA FOUNDATION.
Furthermore, Ifeanyichukwu’s entrepreneurial spirit drives him to explore ventures that align with his values and vision. His innovative mindset and determination fuel his endeavors, contributing to both his personal growth and the betterment of society.
In his journey through the arts, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship, Ifeanyichukwu Okwara stands as a beacon of inspiration, using his voice and talents to tell stories that resonate and to create meaningful change in the world.

Emerald Obahiagbon
Emerald Obahiagbon Directing

My name is Emerald Obahiagbon, and for a long time, my dream has been to become a director. Ever since my six-year-old self discovered that movies and cartoons could be written down in a

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script and then be brought to life, I fell entirely in love with the concept of filmmaking and I started exploring the world of film by writing. My writing at six years old was as bad as you think it is, I was writing about towns that were purple and everything and everyone were variations of the color, reading those manuscripts now makes me cringe so hard but it brings back beautiful memories. I remember writing beside my Mother (a scriptwriter and producer) underneath a candlelight, in the dead of the night.
Till today I still write with a pen and a paper when I’m creating stories that are close to my heart.
And that’s how six-year-old me found Nollywood, I’ve tried most of it; from writing to acting and presenting, to continuity, to producing, to costuming and assistant directing, heck even basic editing. You could probably argue that I know practically nothing about them since I’m doing too much but you’d be wrong. Although I’d prefer to stick to writing in that regard, I just felt understanding every department would make me a good director and I still think so.
I’ve been in the entertainment industry for fifteen years, in those fifteen years, I’ve tried my hand at a myriad of things, all with the goal of making myself a somewhat competent director, although I’m still quite far from being competent but I’ve come a long way and I think six year old me would smile up at me today, she might not tell me she’s proud of me, but she’d give me a pat on the back for sure.
I want to use this medium to thank ELCA for having me, it’s truly been an experience and a special thanks to Mr Olu and Mr Nathan, My HOD and TA respectively, they’ve been more than a source of inspiration and encouragement for me. I came to ELCA to cement the voice I wanted to project as a filmmaker and they helped me do just that.
My dream is to give people a world to disappear into, the same way films have always been a source of comfort for me, each film I love always feels like a new home. I hope that one day, I can give that to people around the world.
Here’s me signing out, this is Emerald; Author, Actor, Writer and Aspiring Director, the jack of all trades and master of none, not yet at least.

Ibukun Olawale Adeyemi
Ibukun Olawale Adeyemi Directing

Ibukun Olawale Adeyemi originally graduated from the College of Medicine at the University of Ilorin, he dedicated several years to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, contributing

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his skills and expertise to the field.
After several years in the health industry, Ibukun decided to immerse himself in the art of visual storytelling. Over the course of two years, he delved into the world of filmmaking as a part-time freelance filmmaker, focusing on crafting captivating narratives in weddings, commercials, and music videos.
In 2023, driven by an unwavering desire for creative expression, Ibukun took a bold step. He chose to leave his full-time medical role and enrolled at the prestigious Ebony Life Creative Academy to hone his skills as a Film Director. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life—a chapter dedicated to telling stories in a style that is uniquely his own.
With a commitment to making a difference through the lens, Ibukun Olawale Adeyemi is on a cinematic journey, poised to create narratives that not only entertain but also resonate with audiences on a profound level. His transition from the medical world to the realm of filmmaking exemplifies the spirit of a true storyteller, determined to leave an indelible mark on the world through the power of film.

Miracle Ikegh Doosuur
Miracle Ikegh Doosuur Directing

Miracle is a contemporary film maker, an actor, and a seasoned chef with a solid background in short-form content creation (mobile photography). Her journey to filmmaking is inspired by

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the works of Guy Ritchie and David Fincher.
Miracle finds the exceptional use of a camera to capture feelings and ideas visually on-screen intriguing. She’d hoped to someday strengthen her foundation in film making, hence her enrolment in Ebonylife Creative Academy.
As an emerging film director, through her films, Miracle’s mission is to entertain, educate, and preserve the African culture; telling stories that capture the authentic lives of people. Deploying the tools of cinematography to aid in visual storytelling, she intends to immerse her audience in her films, leaving them craving for more.

Kingsley Emenike K.
Kingsley Emenike K. Directing

Kingsley is a creative and performance-driven filmmaker with various skills acquired at ELCA in cinematography and lighting (5th intake), visual post-production (8th intake) and

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finally director tool kit. He has an award to his credit as the best colourist 8th intake for Visual Post Production team “We Have Rat“ a short film school project. Kingsley was involved in other school short film projects which included Halima and Illusion.

Rotimi Feyisayo Gudiance
Rotimi Feyisayo Gudiance Directing

Rotimi Feyisayo is a seasoned professional with a passion for film, media & advertising. She’s actively involved in writing and directing for the screen. She’s growing knowledge in photography

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whilst developing her producing skills.
As a filmmaker, Rotimi Feyisayo believes that film is the most entertaining way to convey information. She intends to dig deeper by researching to tell the truth, thereby bringing forth authentic and impactful African narratives while also contributing to the global recognition of its cinematic prowess. With a strong dedication to storytelling, she aims to explore the horror and thriller genres in her storytelling for the African market.

Oluwanbepelumi A. Folarin
Oluwanbepelumi A. Folarin Directing

OLUWANBEPELUMI Adiv Pelumi-Folarin is a filmmaker with experience in project and organizational management. In 2021, his love for the business and administration of filmmaking propelled

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him to study Creative Producing at the highly prestigious EbonyLife Creative Academy (ELCA).

In 2023, PLM as fondly called, returned to ELCA to study Directing; mastering the act and art of filmmaking.

In 2022, He concurrently studied Directing, Post-production, and Sound at the Africa Film Academy (AFA), the mother body of The Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).

Pelumi-Folarin has a professional credential in Screenwriting from the University of Cambridge (2022).

Being an art, philosophy, science, and nation-building aficionado, Pelumi is passionate about weaving his worldviews into filmmaking, he believes filmmaking should be a tool for national/global social and moral rearmament.

Pelumi-Folarin is the CEO of AfroFilm Herald Times Limited™, an Afrocentric movie news, publication, and media organization: established to publish the happenings and developments in the cinema world. (

He is the founder of Shining Africans Testimony Ministry, a registered NGO that has consistently and effectively lived by its tenet for more than a decade: “Changing Africans’ mindset positively.”

PLM is passionate about the emancipation of Africa and its people.

Toba Oluwasegun Sewanu
Toba Oluwasegun Sewanu Directing

Toba is a media enthusiast who has grown a strong passion for filmmaking and television production for over five years. He believes in telling undiluted African stories to change the

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Western narratives of Africa and enhance growth. Toba produced and directed Shimka and Prognostic both are short films. Also acted in future-length films such as Sunday Omo Omi, and Zainab Diary. He has worked in Lagos television and Unilag FM.
Toba is musically inclined and has produced soundtracks for films such as Ololade, Mrs money and Lepa Gawu also worked as music director for theatre productions at Alliance Francé in Lagos.


Abel Moses Oliseyenum
Abel Moses Oliseyenum Sound
Abisade Steve Adepoju
Abisade Steve Adepoju Sound
Agunmaro Isaac Pedetin
Agunmaro Isaac Pedetin Sound
Alex Owolabi Hassan
Alex Owolabi Hassan Sound
Amadin Joseph Benjamin
Amadin Joseph Benjamin Sound
David Oluwatoyin Molade Newton
David Oluwatoyin Molade Newton Sound
Kelvin Phoenix
Kelvin Phoenix Sound
Omowole Kolawole Williams
Omowole Kolawole Williams Sound
Sanni Dolapo Oluwaseun
Sanni Dolapo Oluwaseun Sound
Victor Okunola
Victor Okunola Sound


Abayomi Olusegun
Abayomi Olusegun Screenwriting

The eccentric Abayomi was born in Port Harcourt but moved to Lagos to study law which he quit because he didn’t like arguing. Now he keeps himself busy writing essays, puff pieces and several screenplays

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that he thinks will change his life. He believes in writing from the heart, as much as possible, about the quotidian lives of people and their environment. He also edits his own culture magazine.
Abayomi is currently studying for his B.L. He is a fan of Neil Gaiman, Quentin Tarantino and Virgil Abloh. He listens to music everyday and his favourite film is The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Ayobami Ashade Adebayo-Temiloluwa
Ayobami Ashade Adebayo-Temiloluwa Screenwriting

Ayobami is passionate about writing and she believes it’s the only way to express herself. “It’s like an escape route for me, allowing myself to live in the world of my characters and story” Ayobami has worked

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with a few companies like Cloudary Holdings, (Hong kong), Starywriting ptd, just to mention a few, as a content writer.
She is currently exploring the field of screenwriting, hoping to get her works on screen. Furthermore, she hopes to study a course that reflects her passion, Film production.
Her personal statement remains, Believe in yourself and take the chance.

Chidera Okonkwo
Chidera Okonkwo Screenwriting
Ayodele Bolanle
Ayodele Bolanle Screenwriting

Bolanle studied Linguistics and Communication at the University of Port Harcourt, a course that helped her put screenwriting in perspective. Her journey in story writing started with the different storylines

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that played in her mind, which she enjoyed in her alone time until her mother suggested she write them down. This led her to research, and discover the art of screenwriting.

Bolanle, although a self-taught scriptwriter at the time, won “Best Screenwriter” in the 2017 edition of Unleash Ur’ Creativity, a filmmakers competition by Raw Impact Africa.

Subsequently, she wrote a short film “Peace” about depression. It is currently on YouTube.

She also co-wrote a Prime Video romantic drama “Love in a Pandemic” produced by Inkblot Productions and Bleeding Art Production.

Bolanle enrolled in the EbonyLife Creative Academy’s screenwriting department, to learn, perfect and fine-tune her writing skills. Also, she is interning as a producer for different upcoming films and shows.

Chiedu Dieyi
Chiedu Dieyi Screenwriting

Chiedu is a novelist and screenwriter with a niche for crime and mystery thrillers. He has earned positive reviews for works such as SAMBISA CROSSROADS and the BRENDA AGUNOR series, both available on Amazon.

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Notably, his best-selling crime novel, THE BLACKMAILER, has found success on Okadabooks. Chiedu’s compelling short stories have also been featured in FIFWA publications, an online magazine showcasing exceptional tales from writers across the country. His storytelling prowess was honoured with the 2022 PROFWIC ACHIEVER’S AWARD, recognizing his exceptional story-telling skills.
In 2019, he shared insights about SAMBISA CROSSROADS during an invitation to speak at TVC. Beyond his writing, he serves as an independent educator, imparting creative writing skills to young students in various Lagos schools.
His narrative inspiration stems from the unfolding drama in the country’s political landscape and the rising crime rates. Currently, Chiedu is immersed in developing feature-length movie adaptations for two of his novels.
Facebook: Chiedu Dieyi

Fawziyyah Oyinkansola Okusaga
Fawziyyah Oyinkansola Okusaga Screenwriting
David Dean Ighodaro
David Dean Ighodaro Screenwriting

David is experienced in writing and building content and scripts from storytelling for brands and films with a passion for the Media and Entertainment Industry. Known for understanding and

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communicating experiences in writing and speaking, I bring four (4) years of expertise in Contents and Storytelling

Over the years from 2018, I happened to be a sales representative for Bible Wonderland Limited, a national organization that deals with kinds of literature and church materials. I can solely acclaim that I have been able to understand my role as a sales rep and increase the rate of positive feedback and customer buying response; Also engaged in Digital Marketing and understood how internet marketing works through algorithms and matrix of social media.

With testimonies from script writing and digital marketing, I can attest to the certificate of completion from KAP (Kunle Afolayun Production) Academy, EbonyLife Creative Academy, UMM Digital Marketing Course, and UI/UX Design.
Currently serving as a content creator at Africred Online Services. Responsible for creating relatable content for social media campaigns and social media strength, I am also adjusting to the responsibilities of social media management.

I have learned so far to adjust to any working atmosphere and attitude in adding value and expanding my space with the focus of delivering tasks for better recommendations. In my journey working as a sales representative, I was responsible for customer service and negotiation, delivering the needs of my consumers in the aspect of physical contact and social media. Progressed to working as an online digital creator where I expanded my knowledge in social media adverts, network designs, and branding with the energy of satisfying consumers’ needs and achieved recommendations from clients and completion of certificates. I continue to establish my focus on creating values and experiences relatable to people through my fields of expertise.

I enjoy the wide space of learning and becoming exposed to the world of possibilities and opportunities. The intersection of growth and value defines my unique perspective.

Joan Oghenenyerhovwo Fosare
Joan Oghenenyerhovwo Fosare Screenwriting

Joan O. Fosare holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Delta State, Abraka. She has worked as a scriptwriter, script supervisor and content writer. She co-wrote the short

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film “Illusion”.

Emmanuel Olutayo Oke
Emmanuel Olutayo Oke Screenwriting

Emmanuel is a graduate of Sociology from the University of Ibadan where his passion for arts was further refined through stage and theatre performances. As a budding filmmaker, Emmanuel has worked

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on several projects in different capacities including Production Assistant, 3rd AD, Director’s Assistant, Script Supervisor/Continuity and screenwriter. He has always been fascinated by how stories come together and aims to be part of the new generation of Nigerian filmmakers making our stories into one of our greatest exports.
He loves to be at the centre of making things work which is why he considers Screenwriting the backbone for every past, present and future film. Emmanuel is a beautiful mind who loves to explore his versatility and enjoy the different adventure his creativity takes him.

Rianat Oluwabukola Adedeji
Rianat Oluwabukola Adedeji Screenwriting

Rianat is a graduate of Linguistics from the University of Ilorin. She also studied Screenwriting at the Terra Academy For The Arts and Film and Television Production at KAP Film and Television Academy.

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She has been writing fiction for more than 13 years and she has 4 years of professional writing experience on WattNaija, one of the most popular writing platforms in the world.
Rianat is passionate about African storytelling, about telling stories that give voices to the people less represented in the media. She believes movies can influence people and change the world. She also believes telling stories on screen can bring people from diverse backgrounds together. She aspires to have one of her stories on screen very soon.

Iniobong Udousoro
Iniobong Udousoro Screenwriting
Joseph Oluwaseun Onyeanu
Joseph Oluwaseun Onyeanu Screenwriting

Born with an innate passion for storytelling, Joseph Oluwaseun Onyeanu holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Media Arts from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, and a Master of Arts in Theatre Arts

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(Arts of the Theatre) from the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka.
With a career spanning over a decade, Joseph has dedicated himself to the intersection of faith-based television writing and media communications. His contributions in these domains have not only showcased his creativity but also demonstrated a keen understanding of the power of storytelling to inspire and connect with diverse audiences.
Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the industry, Joseph sought to expand his skill set by participating in the Art of Screenwriting Program at the renowned EbonyLife Creative Academy. This renowned institution provided him with invaluable insights and further sharpened his abilities, positioning him as a versatile and forward-thinking professional in the field of screenwriting.


Adeniyi Oluwaseyi
Adeniyi Oluwaseyi Cinematography
Echioda Blessing
Echioda Blessing Cinematography
Alua Franklin
Alua Franklin Screenwriting
Florence Ajumobi
Florence Ajumobi Screenwriting
Daniel Oyida
Daniel Oyida Cinematography
Ibiuwa Iyare
Ibiuwa Iyare Cinematography
Samuel Alawiye
Samuel Alawiye Cinematography
Lateefah Miyaki
Lateefah Miyaki Cinematography
Tosin Aransiola
Tosin Aransiola Cinematography
Olayode Oluwaseun
Olayode Oluwaseun Cinematography
Usman Adeojo
Usman Adeojo Cinematography
Udozor Doris
Udozor Doris Cinematography
Success Gabriel
Success Gabriel Cinematography

Art Direction

Blessing Alifa
Blessing Alifa Art Direction
Emmanuel Temilola
Emmanuel Temilola Art Direction
Bunmi Eze
Bunmi Eze Art Direction
Harrison Wells
Harrison Wells Art Direction
Charlotte John
Charlotte John Art Direction
Ira Toruyai
Ira Toruyai Art Direction
Chioma Itulu
Chioma Itulu Art Direction
Lawrence Ikechukwu
Lawrence Ikechukwu Art Direction
Iteramah Okieoghene
Iteramah Okieoghene Art Direction
Ezinne Okoro
Ezinne Okoro Art Direction
Mercy Urkhakhare
Mercy Urkhakhare Art Direction
Nonye Anuforo
Nonye Anuforo Art Direction
Offufeke Oshemi
Offufeke Oshemi Art Direction
Oluwaseunara Olowoye
Oluwaseunara Olowoye Art Direction
Shalewa Lasisi
Shalewa Lasisi Art Direction
Sijuade Sanni
Sijuade Sanni Art Direction


Adebomi B. Adeyemi
Adebomi B. Adeyemi Producing
Deborah Amaechi Chinelotan
Deborah Amaechi Chinelotan Producing
Akintunde E.B Akin
Akintunde E.B Akin Producing
Essien Mercy Emmanuela
Essien Mercy Emmanuela Producing
Monsour Adewale Ogunsola
Monsour Adewale Ogunsola Producing
Faith Abiola Olawe
Faith Abiola Olawe Producing
Vincent Egbe
Vincent Egbe Producing
Folake Benson
Folake Benson Producing
Owie Osemeke Oscar
Owie Osemeke Oscar Producing
Olaide Nurat Mohammed
Olaide Nurat Mohammed Producing
Peter Chukwuemeke Diji
Peter Chukwuemeke Diji Producing
Oyindamola Abdulazeez Omobolanle
Oyindamola Abdulazeez Omobolanle Producing
Timothy Unekwujo Ekele
Timothy Unekwujo Ekele Producing

Post Production

Thomas Teslim
Thomas Teslim Post Production
Faith Ozioma Peter
Faith Ozioma Peter Post Production
Zakari Ibrahim Ekele
Zakari Ibrahim Ekele Post Production
Ashimedua Odiachi
Ashimedua Odiachi Post Production
Abdulquadri Abdullahi Adebola
Abdulquadri Abdullahi Adebola Post Production
Chinenye Akunna
Chinenye Akunna Post Production
Awotilu Adeniyi Ayomide
Awotilu Adeniyi Ayomide Post Production
Jessica Anthony
Jessica Anthony Post Production
Singbo Nathaniel O.
Singbo Nathaniel O. Post Production
Kadiri Moshood Oladapo
Kadiri Moshood Oladapo Post Production
Lawrence Chibuike Nkwocha
Lawrence Chibuike Nkwocha Post Production
Maradesa Oluwatobi Joel
Maradesa Oluwatobi Joel Post Production
Nweke Chineme Valentine
Nweke Chineme Valentine Post Production
Odumosu James
Odumosu James Post Production
Otatane Oso Andrew
Otatane Oso Andrew Post Production