Course Overview:

On this course, you’ll learn about international best practice and production design principles, how to bring to life the vision of the director, how to work with a specific genre or cinematic look and feel, as well as how to achieve optimum visual impact on a budget and to strict time constraints.

Production designers are typically responsible for set design, managing the art department, props, camera angles, and costumes, as well as researching sets and locations.

Who is this course for?:

If you have a visual creative or design background or are interested in developing your creative instincts, then this course will appeal to you.

You’ll leave with a strong production design foundation that will kickstart your career in either film, TV or theatre.

A minimum of a Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) from a recognized higher educational establishment is required.


Head of Production Design and Art Direction

A seasoned film maker with several years of experience in art directing and a passion for transforming spaces to tell visual stories. Olayinka has worked actively on several award winning projects like: Blood sisters, Far from Home, Orah, Over the Bridge and recently art directed “ FINDING MESSIAH”. Olayinka has pure love for the craft of film making and sharing her wealth of knowledge with young and aspiring film makers.