Drikus Volschenk’s Masterclass on Screen Acting

One of filmmaking’s key crafts is ACTING, and good acting is not just raw talent – it is a learned skill with many techniques.
In this presentation, you will discover application do’s and don’ts for Acting at the academy, showreel examples, including some acting tips from Drikus Volschenk, HOD of Acting at EbonyLife Creative Academy (ELCA).


1. CV – Picture

2. Headshot – Not a glamour model cover photo shoot with too much make up on. I need to recognize you when I see you. This is not a wedding.

3. Your CV should be easy to read.

4. CV – Correct format

5. You have to send in an example/s of your acting work. How do you do that? = SHOWREEL.

6. What is a SHOWREEL?

1-2 min EDITED video of your best work that you have already filmed on different productions.

7. THUS: Whether you have acting experience or not, your CV should be accompanied by a SHOWREEL – So much more if you don’t have experience. Accountant, Biochemist, Teacher.

  • You can do a monologue (there are thousands online)
  • You can also do a scene with the camera only on you (with someone else reading against you – there are millions of scenes online)



10. Don’t send a selfie video of yourself pouting into the camera with a filter on.

11. Don’t send a picture of you in your bikini on the beach with sunglasses on.

12. Don’t send a TikTok video with an automated American accent.

13. Don’t send a picture of you with a dumbbell in your hand checking yourself out in the mirror at the gym.

14. Do not send me an hour episode or full-length feature film that you are in, and I have to search for you… I’m not going to watch it.

15. Don’t give more attention to other actors in your reel. It’s your reel. Show YOUR work.

16. We are interested in your heart and your brain and how you can apply it creatively.

17. Make sure your files open and are in the correct format!!!!

18. Don’t do it on a phone… Strongly suggest you do it on a laptop. Borrow one.

19. LASSRA Number.

20. Keep on trying.  Please don’t give up!!! Most people only get in with their 3rd attempt. Some by their 5th attempt.


1. You have to KNOW YOURSELF – How can you play someone else if you don’t know who YOU are.

2. You have to know how to use your VOICE (breathing).

3. You have to know how to use your BODY (movement).

4. You have to use your BRAIN and your MIND (understanding, feeling, meaning, thought process).

5. You need to be able to ACCESS DIFFERENT EMOTIONS and portray them in an HONEST, BELIEVABLE and TRUTHFUL way.

6. You must know how to READ and ANALYSE a SCRIPT and DEVELOP a CHARACTER.

7. You need some ACTING TECHNIQUES that you can APPLY to your craft. Screen acting is very technical. You need to understand how filmmaking works.

8. You must have DISCIPLINE and be able to work VERY HARD (long hours). Acting is not for lazy people. You have to be on time and prepared. You have to do scenes again and again and again…

9. You have to be a TEAM PLAYER. A Film is NOT ONLY ABOUT YOU.

10. LISTENING SKILLS. If you can’t listen. You can’t be an actor. There is a difference between listening and hearing.